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New profile wizard → Storage options tab

This tab allows you to specify the location and format of saving backup copies of the files.


Location options
  • Local or LAN
  • FTP server
  • Google Drive
Select the required type of location and then configure its parameters.
Connect to LAN resources as Check the box if you want to connect to local network resources with specific credentials. This option is required to access the network if the profile runs under system account.
User name, Password Enter a user name and password to connect to a network.
Disconnect previous connections Check the box to disconnect connections established earlier.
Connect Click the button to connect to the network using the specified username and password now. It is useful to validate the credentials.
FTP host, Port,
Login, Password
FTP connection parameters.
Google account (E-Mail), Password Credentials for access to Google Drive.
If disconnected, retry ... times The number of reconnection attempts.
Test Click to verify connection.
Storage options
  • Uncompressed files
  • SyncUp archive
  • Standard Zip archive
Select the type of file storage. There are three options to choose:
  • Uncompressed files lets you save files in the target folder as they are, without any compression.
  • SyncUp archive allows you to compress and save files in a special archive that can contain various combinations of the full and incremental backup copies. This lets you store multiple versions of the same file and restore data for a specific date as well as minimize the amount of data being processed.
  • Simple Zip archive lets you compress and save files to a standard Zip archive.
Archive path Specify the path of the archive.
Archive file name If the profile type is backup, here is a template for the name of the archive. The full path to the archive file is formed as the Archive path + Archive file name. Otherwise, here is the full path to the archive file.
Data protection
Check the box and set the password, if you want to specify encryption for the archive.


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