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Source file preview

@MAX SyncUp allows you to view the source files during the configuration of a profile.

You can open the Source file preview window by clicking the Preview source files in the Profile editor.


The viewer has a toolbar with the viewing options described below:

  Back Navigates back.
  Forward Navigates forward.
  Up Navigates up.
  Viewing options Shows files as a simple or detailed list, you can select the columns that will be displayed in the list, etc. Including the following items:
  • View folders - Shows / hides the folder tree.
  • View search panel - Shows / hides the search bar.
  • View all subfolders - If selected, this option allows you to view the content of the current folder and all its subfolders in the list of files.

Search bar contains the following items:

File name Allows you to specify a wildcard to search for files.
Search Starts searching for files.
Reset Cancels a file search.
Apply profile file filter Allows you to view only those files that match the filter.
View excluded files Allows you to view files that are excluded by the filter.


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