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Global options
Scheduled start is missed if detained for ... sec If the scheduled profile is delayed for the specified time, it is considered to be missed.
Allow to run profile for users with a blank password When enabled, the option allows you to bypass Windows restriction policies regarding the execution of profiles under an account with the blank password. This option has no impact on the global settings, and works only for the running profiles.
Automatically close execution file list preview window after ... minutes The program closes the execution file list preview when the specified time is reached and there has been no activity from the user (mouse clicks, keystrokes and others). This option is helpful when there is no user around and the program needs confirmation to continue the synchronization process.
Add "Compare and Sync" command in the Windows Explorer context menu The program adds the “Compare and Sync” item in the context menu of the Windows Explorer. This function allows comparing and synchronizing the content of two folders in a few clicks.
Run @MAX SyncUp service automatically at Windows startup Allows setting the automatic start of the @MAX SyncUp service at Windows start. Note that you won’t be able to run the scheduled profile execution if the @MAX SyncUp service does not run.
Wait ... sec after Windows startup before running profiles Specifies the waiting period after Windows start before the profile execution. It allows avoiding the decrease of the system performance at the start of the system.
Temporary folder Allows specifying the location of temporary files. The default is the temporary folder assigned in the system.
Internal archive folder Allows specifying the folder to save internal archives. The files, which have been changed or deleted during the profile execution, are kept there. By default this folder is located in the system partition (C:\ProgramData\MaxSyncUp\Logs). Internal archives may take the significant part of the disk and result in the lack of the disk place. The option allows changing the default location of internal archives.


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