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Is @MAX SyncUp free?

@MAX SyncUp is free software for personal non-commercial use. Currently there is the restriction in the free version: you can set up only one backup or sync profile.

If you want to use @MAX SyncUp for personal non-commercial (non-profit making) purposes but you need to set up more than one profile, you must buy the Personal license.

If you want to use @MAX SyncUp for activity connected with the profit making or for other no personal purposes you must buy the Pro‑license.

It is should be noted that the use of @MAX SyncUp on Windows servers as well as on PCs, which are joined to a domain, is treated as the commercial use and in this case it is necessary to buy the Pro‑license.

For paid licenses, there is the possibility to use @MAX SyncUp free of fees for 30-day period for evaluation purposes.

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